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    Silverlight Development India

    Silverlight has emerged as a strong challenger to Flash, Ajax and Flex though it is a new entrant in the field of Rich Internet Applications. Factors that have led to the wide acceptance of the Silverlight are huge development community, high browser share of the IE and the Microsoft’s dominance of the Desktop operating system.Silverlight runs smoothly on Windows and Mac OS X.

    Profit By Outsourcing is a well known provider of Rich Internet Application development services on a global level. Our Silverlight developers are highly experienced and can create software solutions for big business organizations. We develop intuitive and user-friendly applications to ensure concrete results.

    Benefits of Microsoft Silverlight:

    • It is a cross –browser-platform- device plug-in
    • Rich Interactive Applications
    • Easily integrates with the existing web applications
    • Freely available for the supported browsers and platforms
    • Support 2D vector graphics, videos and animations
    • Speedy delivery of high quality video
    • Ability to update itself automatically
    • Can deliver the next generation of .NET based media experiences

    Silverlight Development solutions:

    • Rich Internet Applications development with Microsoft Silverlight
    • Superior AJAX-based applications deployment and design
    • Integrating of Silverlight plug-in with existing web applications
    • Development of Multimedia internet solutions
    • Various web widgets development and customization
    • Web portals and web sites development with 2D animation
    • Interactive solutions for Windows mobile
    • Online games development