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    Adobe Flex Development India

    Profit By Outsourcing with its rich experience in ecommerce and web development has adopted the Adobe Flex for most of its front-end to give a good user interface to the users. Adobe Flex allows the developers to perform data refreshes, validations and wide-variety of other browser-server communication without reloading the entire page. It is a new technology based on Adobe Flash software.

    Profit By Outsourcing can provide Adobe Flex solution in ASP.NET and PHP. Our developers can develop photo galleries, reports, interactive graphs and many more.

    Adobe Flex is a cross-platform development framework designed for generating RIAs. It helps in the development of high performance applications that can run effectively on all key operating systems and browsers. Adobe Flex is available in different versions like Adobe Flex 2 and Adobe Flex 3.

    Today, Adobe Flex is used by companies to offer B2B applications, online product selectors and interactive data dash boards. The Flex development model uses XML and helps in delivering solutions that increases productivity. Adobe Flex development is best when one require data intensive applications, Data related navigation and data visualization.

    Advantages of Adobe Flex:

    • Extensive Visual component library
    • Powerful coding tools
    • Scalable and reliable solution
    • Superb Flex programming model.
    • Easy Integration into a server application
    • High performance data synchronization engine
    • Interactivity due to video, audio, streaming and messaging components