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    1. What is Profit By Outsourcing’s ‘Hire Dedicated WEB Professional(s)’ Service?

    Hire Dedicated WEB Professional(s) is our service allowing you to hire a Full time Web Developer / Designer who works on your projects dedicatedly & exclusively.

    2. Why should I use Profit By Outsourcing’s ‘Hire Dedicated WEB Professional(s)’ Service?

    Profit By Outsourcing’s Dedicated WEB Service gives you option to hire one or more person(s) who works exclusively for your Company on your projects. This service is ideal for New Media Companies in USA & UK requiring experienced WEB Professionals who fully understands all aspects of Web Design & Development to work on your projects. You get to interview and choose the right person for the job. Your Dedicated WEB Professional has access to all of Profit By Outsourcing’s WEB resources. You have one person working for you, but he is backed by the whole of Profit By Outsourcing staff.

    3. I like Profit By Outsourcing’s ‘Hire Dedicated WEB Professional(s)’ Service and want to take it further. What do I do?

    Email us on sales@profitbyoutsourcing.com OR fill the Quick Quote form Below.

    4. What does all this cost? Are there any extras?

    Cost of hiring WEB Professional(s) is relatively cheaper. It would save you anywhere between 40% to 60% of what you spend on hiring WEB Professional in your Country.

    5. Do I pay for my WEB Professional holiday or sick time?

    No! You only pay for the actual work time billed by your WEB Professional. We look after sick pay and holidays.

    6. Where does my WEB Professional(s) work?

    Your WEB Professional(s) work in our office in New Delhi, India. Each WEB Professional has his own fully equipped work space and has access to secretarial and conference facilities as necessary.

    7. What are the working hours of my WEB Professional(s)?

    Your WEB Professional(s) will work as per Indian Standard Time, and we will make sure there are at least 2-3 Hours Common allowing you to touch base with professional(s) on daily basis.

    8. How do we ensure, that there is no communication Lost?

    To ensure that everyone is on the Same page as far as WEB development is concerned, We use our Project Management Tool Basecamp and our Bug Tracking tool BT Bug Tracker, these tools ensure effective project management and makes sure that the dead lines are met.

    9. How do I interact with my WEB Professional(s)?

    You can communicate with your WEB Professional(s) via email, Instant Messengers (Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, AOL Instant Messenger) & VOIP.

    10. How can I be sure that I am getting good people?

    All our WEB Professionals also have internationally recognized technical qualifications that can be independently verified.

    11. What happens if I have problems with my WEB Professional?

    In the unlikely event of there being problems with your WEB Professional the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) is the manager in charge. If the problem is serious, then a director can also become involved. He has the authority to deal with the problem, whatever it takes. Yes, it is possible to switch to another WEB Professional if necessary.

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