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    Hyper Local App Development

    A Great Form Of Hyper-Local Marketing To Promote Your Local Business Today

    At Profit by Outsourcing, we offer world-class Hyperlocal App Development services with high professional standards. Regardless of the extent of your business, we are able to develop hyperlocal apps that will help you grow your local business and extend your audience reach beyond the domestic boundaries. We have a team of highly talented, skilled and experienced mobile app developers who have vast experience of building hyperlocal mobile apps for years.

    When you opt for Profit by Outsourcing, you are collaborating with top Hyperlocal App Development India agency that has been designing and developing highly functional and feature-rich hyperlocal apps for several years now.

    Our developers closely interact with you to understand your exact needs before starting the development work. Using our Hyperlocal App Development Services India, you will get a mobile application that allows users to connect to local professionals for all of their service needs like electrical, mechanical, massage, photography, car rental, laundry, etc.

    Through our Hyper Local App development India, we develop an app with following features:

    For Customers

    • Like the classic “Pick me Up” button in Uber, user can press a similar button for any on demand geo-relevant service
    • Option to see service provider’s ratings
    • Option to review the service provider
    • After completion of the job, payments are done via app using PayPal/Stripe, including the tip
    • Option to rate the service quality once payment has been processed

    For Service Providers

    • App owner has the option to choose from a list of services or create a new one to start their own services
    • With complete control on list of services and registered providers, they can charge premium fees for improved and more frequent job assignments
    • Service providers get notified of any service request that is published within their operating periphery
    • Customer’s ratings help the providers decide whether to go ahead with them or not
    • Payments are made into their PayPal/Stripe account via the app, including tip