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    Microsoft Commerce Server Solutions


    Microsoft Commerce Server powers multi-channel e-commerce solutions for enhanced performance in any environment and scale with a low total cost of ownership and less set up time. With out-of-the-box capabilities, Microsoft Commerce Server allows you to unleash the true potential of your business, extend your reach and boost your profitability. Aimed at building enjoyable online shopping experience, Microsoft Commerce Server is a complete and flexible platform enabling you to create full-featured Web business applications.

    At Profit By Outsourcing, we customize, install and integrate MS Commerce Server as well as add additional servers to the cluster where needed so you can easily modify orders, advertisements, discounts or user profiles remotely. A powerful e-commerce product both for B2B and B2C solutions, Microsoft Commerce Server helps improve the front-end for a better user experience.

    Call Us Now if you wish to integrate the service-oriented e-commerce solutions within your existing infrastructure; and support multiple sales channels like web shops, stores and mobile applications.

    Our Microsoft Commerce Server team excels at the following service areas:

    • Microsoft Commerce Server consulting
    • Development and Customization of e-commerce stores
    • User Interface customization and configuration
    • Technical assistance in deploying Microsoft Commerce Server solutions
    • Integration between Third party systems and Commerce Server
    • Change Management
    • Business analysis
    • Support and administration

    Profit By Outsourcing has years of experience in integrating and delivering Microsoft Commerce Server Solutions. If you need to build a new store based on a suite of Microsoft Commerce technologies, Give Us a Call.

    Benefits of our MS Commerce Server Solutions

    • Better user experience and smooth transaction process
    • Cost-effective development and deployment
    • Customized ecommerce solution for better performance
    • Reduced Set up time
    • Enhanced reach and improved shopping experience
    • Extensive configuration and support
    • Scalable, extensible commerce server deployment
    • Secure transactions

    Launch a secure, powerful site and deliver a cutting-edge shopping experience on an e-commerce platform. Enquire Now!