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    RIA Rich Internet Application

    Profit By Outsourcing is one of the recognized Rich Internet Application and Flex solutions providers in India. From customizing existing enterprise level applications to building new Rich Internet applications, Profitbyoutsourcing.com has designed and developed some of the comprehensive RIA flex solutions on the web. Rich Internet Application allows web based applications to work more like desktop applications.

    The in-depth knowledge of Rich Internet Application software development and website design gives Profit By Outsourcing a distinct advantage when it comes to building robust RIA software solutions.

    Our Rich Internet Application services help clients to effectively communicate their ideas to their customers.RIA is mainly a web application which resembles the features of a desktop application. It enhances the data performance and coupled with visuals, rich graphics and excellent backend integration, offers a much better user experience across the verticals.

    By combining excellence in programming and aesthetics of RIA, Profit By Outsourcing assists companies to create a lasting impression on their audience. Our research and development team constantly perform research on various technologies that is used to implement RIA and implement it in new solutions. At Profit By Outsourcing, we have a team of Project Managers, Project Leaders, Action Script Developers, and Flash Animators.

    Our Rich Internet Application development skills:

    • Adobe Flex Development
    • MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL
    • Adobe Flash Development
    • AJAX Development
    • LiveCycle
    • Flash Remoting
    • Adobe AIR Development
    • Action Script 3.0
    • BlazeDS
    • JAVA
    • Web Services

    Advantages of Rich Internet Application:

    • Rich User Interface
    • Easy Installation
    • Visually more appealing
    • Users can use the application from any computer regardless of the operating system running on the computer