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    Adobe Flex AIR ActionScript Flash Development

    We provide IT services for software development with specific expertise in Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR technologies.These services can be applied to develop a persistent client application with a rich graphical user interface and flexible data model, for cross-platform deployment over the web.Our developers have a deep Flash knowledge and can offer projects ranging from Action Script compilation to application development.

    Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system that helps in using existing HTML/Ajax, Flex, or Flash web development tools to develop and deploy RIAs to the desktop. It uses cost-effective technologies to create web applications, thus development and deployment is rapid.

    The application also supports desktop integration, including local file IO, clipboard, system notification and drag- and-drop support.Adobe Air also offers a new way to impress customers with branded desktop applications.It provides integrated support for SQLite database, thereby allowing easy development of desktop application that run both online & offline.