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    JAVAFX Development India

    JavaFX is a new member of Java family. It assists content providers to create and deploy rich Internet applications (RIAs). The two latest JavaFX releases are JavaFX Script and JavaFX Mobile. The JavaFX Script gives Java developers the platform to easily develop content-rich applications for the various devices, including set-top boxes, mobile gadgets, Blu-ray discs and desktops. Whereas, JavaFX Mobile is a complete software system meant for mobile devices. It is offered via OEM licenses to carriers, mobile manufacturers, and other companies.

    The JavaFX will make it simpler than ever to build and quickly deploy rich Internet applications and interactive content. JavaFX Script will allow developers to develop RIAs and next-generation services across virtually any device.

    Advantages with JavaFX Script

    • Maximizes developer productivity
    • Zero loss of functionality across devices
    • Requires less code
    • Ensures faster development cycles
    • Provides an intuitive language design


    • JavaFX Script works with all major IDEs, including Net Beans
    • JavaFX Script supports GUIs of any size or complexity
    • JavaFX Script uses Swing, one of the best GUI development toolkits of its kind.
    • JavaFX Script employs a declarative syntax for specifying GUI components thereby, helping developer to match the actual layout of the GUI.
    • JavaFX Script Applications have WORA i.e. write-once-run-anywhere features and application security support with enterprise connectivity.