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    Remote Server Management India

    Efficient Remote Server Management can secure maximum uptime and premium performance of the IT environment and diagnose hardware problems before they manifest themselves in the form of network failure and critical data loss.

    With par-excellence, round the clock remote server management services, Profit By Outsourcing keeps your critical dedicated or co-located server environment up and running. We proactively monitor your systems to detect glitches at nascent stage and fix them to prevent frequent breakdowns and downtime.

    Specializing in remote Linux Server and System Administration, Profit By Outsourcing ensures smooth running networks to allow you to focus on your core business areas. Leveraging it 9 years of experience, Profit By Outsourcing has managed some of the most complex servers across the world through remote server management.

    Based in the most favored outsourcing destination India, Profit By Outsourcing is the industry leader offering cutting-edge remote server management including remote installation, configuration and maintenance of webservers with deep expertise in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Perl and Python. Our robust team of certified and seasoned IT experts securely install and configure various control panels including Plesk and Cpanel for corporate datacenters to reap the benefits of maximum uptime.

    The remote server management services offered by Profit By Outsourcing include:

    Installation and configuration of Linux OS, its upgrade service packs and patches

    Round the clock monitoring and checking for vulnerabilities

    Configuration of server security and enhancements