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    Nodejs development


    Node.js is a java based development platform. It was built on the top of a beast called V8 which is the Chrome’s JavaScript Runtime engine. It is a very light weight and efficient platform since it uses any event driven, non-blocking I/O model which makes it perfect for real time application across distributed services.

    Node.js is very easy to operate and has a very quick response which enables a node.js Developer to develop amazing applications with a great user experience! Node.js development can be utilized for various purposes; some of them are listed below;

    • To develop real time collaboration tools
    • To develop chat applications
    • Used in all the applications that require synchronous operations
    • Real time multi-player game development

    Its efficiency is marked by its users, ye it used by some of the world famous brand like; Yahoo, Microsoft, Walmart, Mozilla Linkedin and many more.

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