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    Groovy on Grails Development


    At Profit By Outsourcing we provide talented Groovy on Grails Developer teams on hire which includes dedicated Groovy on Grails Developers.

    Grails is an open source web application framework which uses the Groovy programming language (which is in turn based on the Java platform). It is intended to be a high-productivity framework by following the “coding by convention” paradigm, providing a stand-alone development environment and hiding much of the configuration detail from the developer

    Grails was developed with a number of goals:

    • Provide a high-productivity web framework for the Java platform.
    • Re-use proven Java technologies such as Hibernate and Spring under a simple, consistent interface
    • Offer a consistent framework which reduces confusion and is easy to learn.
    • Offer documentation for those parts of the framework which matter for its users.
    • Provide what users expect in areas which are often complex and inconsistent:
      • Powerful and consistent persistence framework.
      • Powerful and easy-to-use view templates using GSP (Groovy Server Pages).
      • Dynamic tag libraries to easily create web page components.
      • Good Ajax support which is easy to extend and customize.
    • Provide sample applications which demonstrate the power of the framework.
    • Provide a complete development mode, including web server and automatic reload of resources.

    Grail offers High productivity

    Grails has three properties which attempt to increase productivity when compared to traditional Java web frameworks:

    • No XML configuration
    • Ready-to-use development environment
    • Functionality available through mixins

    Please feel free to Contact Us for any of your Groovy on Grails based Development needs, Based on yourequirement we will help you to give best suitable solution for your ultimate needs.