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    ASP.net Development India

    The Microsoft .NET framework is a powerful programming environment that allows skilled Microsoft programmers and Microsoft developers produce robust, scalable and cost effective solutions for businesses who need to develop online systems quickly. The Microsoft .NET development team at Profit By Outsourcing has significant skills in the development and enhancement of .NET and asp.net applications.

    Using Visual Studio from Microsoft our .NET developers harness the power of the Microsoft development environment to build extranet, intranet and internet website systems. Whether the core programming language is “c”, “c#” or “VB” our team have the expertise to help your business succeed.

    Benefits of ASP.NET Solutions

    • Powerful database driven functionality Allows programmers to develop web applications that interface with a database, ASP.Net is also object-oriented and has many tools that facilitate faster development and more functionality.
    • Faster web applications: Compiled code and caching make ASP.Net really fast. Earlier, the code was interpreted into ‘machine language’ when your website visitor viewed your page. With ASP.Net, the code is compiled before your visitor even visits your site.
    • Caching is the storage of frequently used information in a memory location that can be accessed faster in the future
    • Memory leak and crash protection: ASP.Net automatically retrieves from memory leaks and errors thus ensuring that your website is always available to visitors
    • Multiple Language Support: ASP.Net allows programmers to write their code is more than 25 .Net languages (including VB.Net, C, c# and Jscript.Net).

    Microsoft has released some extension frameworks that plug into ASP.NET and extend its functionality. Some of them are:


    An extension with both client-side as well as server-side components for writing ASP.NET pages that incorporate AJAX functionality.

    ASP.NET MVC Framework

    An extension to author ASP.NET pages using the MVC architecture.

    Whether you need a .NET development team or a just a single talented .NET contract developer, Enquire Now!