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      • Many people use Word for this purpose, but it is not a prudent idea. Word is mainly used to create print documents, rather than HTML documents.

      • A Favicon, also called the Favorites Icon means a small graphic that is linked with a page or a Web site. The Favicon enables the Web developer to custom-made the site in the Web browser.

      • The Slash helps speeding up the page to load properly because the trailing slash immediately lets the web server to reach that example or directory and find the index.html or other default file.

      • Actually no! WordPress had been started as a blogging package, but now it has been converted into a full CMS that is used for creating both blogs and corporate websites. In fact, more than 25 million people have opted for WordPress for their website or blog. Most renowned users of WordPress are Katy Perry, CNN, The Ford Story, Michigan State University, The New York Times, MTV Newsroom, Mashable, and WSJ Magazine. For more information, you can visit at http://www.wordpress.org.

      • It depends upon which package you have opted for. Every package costs different. Once you choose a particular package, you will get to know about the cost of it.

      • A Favicon, often called Favorites Icon is a tiny graphic that is linked with a page or Web site. The Favicon enables the Web developer to custom make the site in the Web browser.

      • In most of the cases, until the developer is paid for creating website, he/she is the owner of it. It is handed over to the client only once he payment is done.

    • Consider me a bit fastidious, but I am unsure whether anyone can design a website that I require. How can I know if PBO will be apt?

      • Instead of blowing our own trumpet, we suggest that you go through our entire website, check out our portfolio and nature of our previous projects. If the pattern and style of designing and development that we have adopted for our clients fits your needs then we can look forward to a successful project in future.

      • Microsoft Commerce Server solutions provide a comprehensive and completely extensible platform for e-commerce solutions for organizations of all sizes, providing them faster and highly cost effective e-commerce, website design and deployment mechanism. It provides inventive shopping solutions for the business to inculcate and provides their customer some unique shopping experiences. It provides developers a new multi-channel platform that has some exciting built in features to help the business expand and grow. We at Profit By Outsourcing can customize, install and integrate MS Commerce Server as well as add additional servers so that you can easily modify orders, advertisements, discounts or user profiles remotely.

    • Does your company build custom designed websites, or do you start from design templates and themes?

      • A “custom website” will be exclusively designed for your business, product or service. You can be confident as your website belongs to you alone. Whereas, a website designed from a template is limited to the copyright laws within the template on what a designer can and cannot change or alter. And, it is currently being sold to and utilized by thousands of other businesses in existence. A template may be slightly cheaper initially, you can get it if you think it will serve the needs of your sole business.

      • This will directly depend on the goals that you want to achieve if your aim is to sell products. Through it, you will need a full-fledged Ecommerce website with which will definitely cost you more. On the other hand, if you want a simple yet professional digital representation of your endeavours with general details and contact information, the expense will be comparatively less. Another aspect is the number of pages, which is directly proportional to the cost of website design and development.

      • Website cloning has become one of the most economic ways to upgrade your website with some of the latest features and applications to make it even more impressive. Website cloning is a process of copying a script of an exceptional website which has some exquisite which you think will be great to have in your website. It gives the same look and appearance of the website as of the genuine one, thus, is a highly efficient and provide easy to coordinate functionality.

        A website cloning can be used for any website, whether a simple one or a more complex e-commerce website. While it needs seasoned professionals to create a website clone but it’s sure to amaze you with the look and functionalities. Our dedicated team of web developers with hands on experience of website cloning while comprehending different programming languages, can create an exact website clone at the most competitive prices.

      • Everything at Profit by Outsourcing is done keeping the customers’ requirements in mind. We always focus on what you are looking for first and assemble our team of designers and developers to put your needs in their minds. We will also provide you with dummy websites to make sure you want the same things we are about to create. We will always keep you involved throughout the project for your guidance and views.

      • Many programs are available in the market that help the users with modest computer knowledge to come up with very useful web sites. However, when you get in touch with a web designer, you pay for their knowledge and skills. Moreover, they are much aware of the current and future trends. So, it is better to handover it to a web designer to get a better result.

      • Indeed a very good question, Public facing websites that are available to the public will get indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN. It’s extremely important that your website is found once crawled, and that you use every opportunity to increase the frequency of your site being found and used which ultimately increases business.
        Moreover, naturally optimised sites are website that uses lightweight CSS designs, proper Meta keywords and semantic XHTML for marking up web page documents, that means using text for title and headings, not using images in place of headings or text and even having description names on the address bar for your website.

    • How Magento platform can help an eCommerce store to create superior online shopping experience?

      • Magento platform is becoming immensely popular for the user friendly features it provides which are quite robust and easily scalable. It gives the luxury to the clients to make use of a free open source platform which provides great features with a minimal requirement for customization. It has all the basic features like shopping cart, catalog management, search, checkout and other advanced feature and administration functionalities to provide pleasing options for e-commerce stores.

        It provides complete flexibility to alter and refine features or even add new available features to the e-store. Apart from that, even if you are converting from another platform, there are still tools available on Magento to import all the products, customers and order information from other carts. With the ever growing active community of developers, they continue to add new features, providing solution for problems while simultaneously provide a pool of suggestion to make your eCommerce platform even better. To conclude it, the Magento open source platform has all the feature and functionality advances to provide a superior eCommerce platform. While a seamless and highly flexible architecture can make your e-commerce website well-equipped for smooth and secure operation and we can help you to avail the best it offers.

      • The bank account which carries out tracking and transferring of all the monetary transactions done on your e commerce website is an E commerce website merchant account. In fact, when you start with development of your e-commerce site, make sure that before anything else you set up a merchant account with a trusted provider.

      • A merchant account is the bank account used for tracking and transferring all of the monetary transactions taking place on/through your website. Setting it up with a provider is the first step you should take when building your e-commerce site.

    • What are your core services? I mean apart from website development what all I can expect from your company?

      • We are a company that has the capability to handle your entire project, from planning, to design, to development and marketing. You success is what we aim at. However, as we are a leading online marketing expert we can support your business to get going on, once your website goes live.
        Our key factors are as follows:-
        • We have the ability to provide comprehensive web design, development and marketing services to industry standards
        • We have done system integrations or customized web projects that require excellent problem solving skills or advanced coding capabilities
        • We have experience in developing mobile applications
        • We have search engine optimization expertise and a proven track-record of achieving Page One Google results
        • We have copywriting abilities to create both compelling copy for the website itself as well as quality content for the social web

      • Meta redirects should be used when you have a page which you want to redirect fast and for a short time. But if you want to redirect the page permanently, you should make use of server-level 301 redirect.

      • It is not possible to mention an exact time in terms of months or years; this more often than not depends on factors like content, design and levels of accessibility and usability. If you believe that these aspects of your website fulfil your requirements and change is not needed then the website is fine for the time being. However, if there have been modifications in your products and services or any other aspect of your company or if your feel that design is getting outdated and you need a more advanced one then it’s time to get professional help to keep the site up-to-date.

      • Depending on the size and structure of the organization, the workflow also differs and that’s why an ERP solution cannot fit the requirement of every business. That’s where the ERP customization comes into the picture to provide a fitting solution to the business. ERP software customized as per the business processes of the organization provides a swift working and a quick acceptance which means the process in the organization remains same while the technology changes.

        The organization doesn’t have to change its business procedures but the ERP system will be customized as per the workflow of the organization. There is no need to streamline the business procedures as per the ERP software. While ERP customization also means that you can remove all the unwanted features which might be there in the software but not required by the organization, thus, it also minimizes the fuss. We recommend an open source ERP software development, as it offers many modules in the community and requires minimal tweaks to make it a perfect fit for any organization.

      • ERP is an Acronym of Enterprise resource Planning. ERP is a combination of integrated applications that forms business management software. A company can keep a record of data at various stages of business; say from product planning to shipping and payment. It provides a view of real time data of businesses by using a common database.

      • There are many things you should look in a web developer while opting for web development service. However, a few of the foremost things that should always be considered include A portfolio work, if they are specialist, if they have search engine knowledge, and above everything reference and appreciation by their clients.

      • There cannot be any fixed amount as the charges are determined by certain factors like, what is the scope of contract i.e. what are the areas of your website you want us to include in the contract. For how long do you wish to use our services and so on. These factors can be ascertained and charges can be discussed upon in a better way through more personalized conversations.

      • First of all, CMS stands for Content Management System. I am sure you may have heard of one popular CMS, WordPress, it makes easy for clients to log into their website and easily update items such as blog post and media. We personally recommend WordPress for most websites, due to its ease of use and growing popularity amongst all brands whether, big or small. Although WordPress is our favourite, some customizations may require the use of other CMS as well.

      • We specialize in Ecommerce (Magento) web Development, PHP MVC (Zend, Cake) Programming, ASP.Net Programming, RoR Programming, Custom programmed Content Management & E-Commerce Solution/ Open Source Customized Content Management & E-Commerce Solutions, Web2.0 Designing (100% table less or div based designs) developed in xhtml/css as per the W3C guidelines and Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) are applications built using Adobe Flash Flex AIR Action Script, Adobe Flex, Adobe Flex (AIR), Microsoft Silverlight, Sun JAVAFX & AJAX and Amazon (AWS) Managed Cloud Hosting.

      • The Web Design Packages are separate services while hosting services are entirely different domain. However, once we are done with the whole designing and development of website, we efficiently upload the existing host.

      • PBO works with the organizations worldwide to provide them with software development and web development solutions and services. Broadly, we provide services like Web Development, Web Designing, E-Commerce Solutions, Ecommerce Website Design, Ecommerce Web Development, Software Development, Outsourcing and Internet Marketing and SEO.

      • It depends on the factors including design, content, accessibility and usability levels, etc. Therefore, it is quite difficult to say an exact time to upgrade the website. However, if you think new features need to be added to your website so as to enhance the image of your business, then it is the time to upgrade your site.

      • Of course yes. In fact, we at Profit by Outsourcing can even incorporate your completed design or design ideas into a fully implemented and functional website.

      • It’s important to be very clear with this specific requirement. We right now, are totally dedicated to deliver search engine compatible content. Search engines are rewarding companies for getting quality content coming from them. All the old link-building tactics are going away, and search engines want to reward the trusted sources for information.

    • Forgetting all the technical terms, can you please explain responsive website using laymen terms?

      • Today as you know the traditional desktop is being replaced by the more mobile iPads, smartphones, tablets, etc. for internet surfing. This means that your website starting from home page to other inner pages should be designed in a more versatile format so that it opens in an intact form without being disfigured on any kind of screen. Now most of the time you find that a regular website when opened on a smartphone or iPad appears with a lot of features missing and in some cases, it does not get loaded at all. Therefore in order to ensure that your website unfurls perfectly on the screen of any devoice you need to have a responsive website that easily adapts to every screen size.

      • Responsive web design makes the online reach your business more cosmopolitan than the standard version can. Going for a responsive web design means simply optimizing the current web presence of the business, while going with a more intuitive way to make the website more friendly and easily accessible for mobile gadgets. The great thing is that it doesn’t need lots of technical procedures but a minimal amount of re-sizing from the user’s end which is sufficient to make it easily accessible across a wide range of mobile devices.

        Like SEO is becoming a must for the businesses of all sizes, to have an impressive presence on the web, responsive web design is also becoming the need of the hour to let the business touch the zenith. Responsive web design comes with a bunch of SEO benefits which also make it more beneficial. You don’t have to manage different URLs, but just have one which also makes it easy for search engines’ link algorithms to work and makes it much easier to crawl the website. With a responsive web design, you have filters to find out which mobile devices most of your customers use or what extent of visitors are accessing your website from mobile devices and that all comes with analytics tool in the filter of a responsive website. To conclude it, it can be said that responsive web design is not only required but it’s a great way to expand the reach of business and have more people reaching you and not to forget Google is also loving it.

      • When your site is completed, we transfer the rights to you. After the development process is over, you are the sole owner of the product and can use it any way you want to.

      • We are a company that has the capability to handle your entire project, from planning, to designing, to development and marketing. We work with a solo aim that is success right from the start.
        • We have the ability to provide comprehensive web design, development and marketing services to industry standards
        • We have done system integrations or customized web projects that require excellent problem solving skills or advanced coding capabilities
        • We have experience in developing mobile applications
        • We have search engine optimization expertise and a proven track-record of achieving Page One Google results
        • We have copy-writing abilities to create both compelling copy for the website itself as well as quality content for the social web.

      • Website Cloning is a very popular concept among all the web users and has gained wide acceptance across all internet users. A Website Clone has the unique quality of resembling its leader as in the website that has been cloned.

      • The answer is a definite YES!
        In fact, promoting websites through Search Engine Optimization is a part of standard process at Profit By Outsourcing as the designing rules here are in conformity with the accepted SEO benchmarks. Aside from this, PBO’s web development professionals work in close coordination with Search Engine Marketing team to work on methods that will ensure a successful Web Marketing campaign that will improve and enhance the status of your website in search engine rankings in particular and all over the World Wide Web in general.

      • Yes. They should find out who they use to host their websites. The host should be according to client’s wishes and there are plenty of good options available for users. Do not go for the one that your web developer recommends before finding the truth for yourself.

      • With more people accessing the web via their mobile phones and for the sake of providing convenience to your customer or business associates, it’s not only viable but highly beneficial for the businesses to have mobile applications. As the cost of developing mobile apps on more stable and effective development platforms is becoming relatively cost friendly most of the business are capable enough to have them. Apart from the viability factor, mobile apps give businesses a mobile extension of their company which comes handy in reaching more people. Also it makes it easier for your clients to reach you instantly from anywhere.

      • At the least possible prices, we make what you may call an attractive and user-friendly website. It has almost every necessary feature, be it content management system, member registration system, newsletter option or shopping carts and secure SSL layering to ensure safe transactions. Additional features can also be added upon your requirements.

    • What can I expect after my website goes live? Are updates and technical support included in the cost?

      • You can’t afford a website designer who takes a “launch it and forget” approach. You’re sure to have questions and need occasional updates as your website and business evolve. This is something we consider as a mandatory requirement that has to be focused while entering into a contract.
        We have designed for some of the renowned brands and we continue to support nearly every site we’ve built. Updates and support cost is something negligible as compared to the amount of results delivered. Thus, it gives you the freedom to contact us anytime without the fear of receiving a huge bill for additional work performed.

      • Flash features in a website have their own benefits but a through and through flash based website is not a wise idea and therefore, not recommended. A website with an architecture that is wholly flash is not flexible and therefore, resistant to any kind of enhancement and expansion in functionality later on. Aside from this, it has also been found that the visibility of a flash website in search engine rankings is limited.

      • Web Standards Fonts are fonts that are installed on both MAC and PC computers. These are also called ‘browser safe fonts’. Web Standard Fonts allow more control over the constancy across browser and the experience of the user.

      • A CSS media query sets a few limits on the possibility of the style sheet for features that includes line height, font size, etc.

      • RSS is sometimes referred to as “Rich Site Summary”. It is a web feed that allows a reader to view multiple streams such as blog entries, news headlines and more from one location using software such as a Feed Reader.

      • Shopify is one of the robust ecommerce platforms to create your online stores. While working with Shopify, one does not have to be a geek, so you can handle the website effectively once it goes live.
        Few benefits of Shopify:
        • Easy to customize as per your requirement
        • Maintenance and support by Shopify’s technical team
        • Shopify API integration
        • Easy data entry & custom designer template
        • Hundreds of Add on to use

      • Simply because a generic approach will bear no fruits for your business, customization means that specifics of your enterprise are being met in a professional manner. In other words, a customized ERP is developed to take care of the requirements that are specific to your enterprise. In addition to this, customization of ERP results in an increased user acceptance and helps in getting a competitive edge and a distinctive identity.

      • Responsive web design is buzz of the time. It means creating a website that has optimal viewing experience on multiple devices; be it mobile phone or computer or tab, without much panning or scrolling.
        Integral component of Responsive web design are:
        • Proportion-based grids
        • Flexible images
        • CSS3 media queries
        • @media rule extension file

      • Multimedia offers a complete range of tools for effective advertising or brand presentation. It can give complete makeover to a brand with tools like videos, images, animation and much more, which makes the website more engaging and brand more attractive. Multimedia services can be used in the advertising to design videos, e-brochures or a complete animated ad campaign to present the brand with a fresh perspective, which can be a great crowd puller on the web and remain in the forefront of visitors’ minds for a long period, which ultimately helps to create a better association with the brand. It helps businesses of all sorts to give their websites a more dynamic and memorable touch with attractive graphic designs and communication methods.

      • This is a tricky question and it’s more like “how much does a holiday trip cost”. It depends upon the type of services you want to avail, and the numbers of pages, graphics and other services you want to have in your website. Depending upon your needs and requirements, we can tell how much a website will cost you.

    • I want to create an e-commerce website, whose platform & technology will be best suited. Apart from this, I’d like to know how experienced profit by outsourcing is in this field?

      • It is always good to choose a better CMS for your e-commerce so that you can run your website smoothly. Though there are many open source ecommerce platform like Magento, Intershop, Os ecommerce, and many more.
        We prefer Magento for making e-commerce website as this is one of the best platform available in the market. We have very long experience for the same and we are Magento certified company as well. Thus, we have expertise and wide experience in the same that let us create flawless websites for you.

      • Whole Heartedly! Our job is not just about presenting you with an appealing website and be done with it. But we further make sure that the site is well-maintained and always remain error and threat free.

      • When looking for web development, it’s important to check the credibility and exposure a company possess in the respective field. One must thoroughly check certain key points like
        1. Portfolios of work of the company you are going to hire, it’s important to go through the complete portfolio and ensure its authentic.
        2. Cost Vs. value- it’s important to focus upon the work quality while comparing it with the amount you will pay. Always cross check and consult with competitors as well.
        3. Skills & Qualifications of the resource you are going to hire, only skilled staff can generate the kind of results you are looking for, so it’s again important to analyse the work force of the company.
        4. Professionalism in work- this is something that’s at most important as it will decide how far your relationship with any company will go.
        5. Commitment in meeting deadlines- meeting deadlines is very important as all the progress depends upon it, if a company is unable to do so, it’s best to switch.
        6. Company should have pool of talented resources with specialization of the technology and platform on which your web site, apps will be developed.

      • As a complete online marketing agency, we design a website with an objective not just to make it attractive, engaging, informative and easily accessible but also search engine friendly or SEO friendly. We design and develop your website, keeping all the current search engine algorithms in mind, so that SEO can work as a catalyst to make it popular on search engines. Apart from that, we constantly keep updating your websites as per the latest search engine algorithms to keep the website geared up for better ranking and visibility. We develop a craw-able link structure, proper keyword usage and targeting, using precise and accurate title tags and index-able content. All these things in mind help us to design a website which is search engine friendly and user friendly as well.

      • Determining the parameters of an effective website development is a tricky task as it may depend on the individual requirements of the clients. But, there are certain dimensions or criteria that play an instrumental role in the making of a pragmatic website, helping it to achieve the desired goals. As an experienced and professional website designing and development agency, Profit by Outsourcing abides by the basic rules of thumb to ensure effectiveness of a website and then proceed to fulfil the specific requirements of the customers to create an interactive marketing solution. The following parameters when put together lay the foundation of an effective website:

        • The design in addition to being attractive should represent identity of business and brand
        • User friendly features and smooth navigation so that visitors can easily locate the pages that contain information as per their need
        • The entire creation particularly the content should be Search Engine friendly
        • There should be cross browser compatibility i.e. it should easily open and function in all kinds of browser

      • Although we aim to give you the best estimates on our web development services, but the overall cost of the service still depends on many factors, ranging from timeframe, content, complexity, and many more. It is somehow difficult to give exact estimates as your requirements may vary with the escalating project status.

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