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    Amazon Managed Cloud Hosting

    Profit By Outsourcing Looks at Amazon Web Services as not only a great service for scalable events, large batch processing, testing, development, hosting, and the countless other specific services it provides, but also as a true Data Center fully capable of housing your entire application and enterprise stack.

    This offer provides an additional level of support on Amazon Cloud Servers, which includes monitoring, operating system and application infrastructure layer support, and technical guidance.

    • Monitoring Choose up to four ping, port, or URL content monitors. Configure custom ports or additional IPs for monitoring. Alerts will be sent to your dedicated, 24x7x365 support team, who will take first responder action.
    • Cloud Specialists We have full insight into amazon cloud environment, and can help you plan for future growth and maximize your current cloud environment. You still have full admin access and control of your server.
    • Backup and Disaster Recovery Amazon Managed Cloud Services utilizes Amazon Web Services best practices and tools for backup and recovery using its massive storage and redundancy capabilities, while implementing an additional layer of on-premise storage as requested.

    Profit By Outsourcing can help you architect and design robust technology solutions on Amazon Web Services infrastructure, including:

    Amazon RDS

    Profit By Outsourcing Managed Amazon RDS makes it easier to set up, operate, and scale MySQL databases in the cloud. For Amazon Managed Cloud Hosting Services, Enquire Below

    Our Latest Amazon Managed Cloud Hosting Projects

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