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Magento Mobile Application

Profit By Outsourcing (PBO) is proud to present


Magento Mobile iPhone application, which is all set to propel excellent growth and development for your online business. Mobile applications have proved to be an excellent tool for propagating business services, conveniently and quickly. The customers who are associated with your business can now avail all the features of Magento eCommerce Application, right on their mobile phones. This exciting option can now be customized and tailored as per your specific business needs, without any hassles.

We at PBO can enable existing Magento product catalog, promotions, shopping cart and consumer account information on the new Magento Mobile iPhone application which can be leveraged along with the current services. In a nutshell, this mobile application designed for Magento can bring in the store directly into your customer\’s hand.

Magento Mobile Application can:

  • Promote marketing campaigns directly to your customers
  • Assist customers in locating nearest stores and associated products/services
  • Intensify customer interaction with surveys and feedback sessions
  • Present content in innovative way
  • Expand all distribution channels

As per recent research by marketing firms, it has been found that by providing such excellent mobile applications to the customers, any business can re-engage with customers, solidify business values and grow the existing line of business, or in short, have a wonderful Magento experience.

Magento Mobile Application can support all existing Magento eCommerce products, and is licensed on a per customer and per mobile application basis. Thus, one mobile application can be customized for each Magento store. With each license, the business owner can create localized version of a single mobile apps.

Contact us now for this new and exciting mobile application to enhance your customer\’s experience and satisfaction by providing them world class services with Magento Mobile Application.