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Magento Consultation (Magento Development in India)

We believe that every business is unique in its operation and style of functioning. Keeping this in view, our professional designers will work with you to develop a theme that fits your business perfectly. Magento provides three eCommerce platforms to choose from, depending upon your specific requirements. These are:

a) Magento Community: This platform can be selected by expert developers and technical enthusiasts in non-mission critical environments. The user should have ample time and resources to solve the customization issues independently. This version is a open source platform with a robust development model.

b) Magento Professional: This version is best suited for small businesses, who would be working with Magento Solution partner for customizing the platform. You will be getting a warranted product with several revenue generating features not available in the Magento Community platform. It consists of Open Source Development model with commercial license and PCI Data Security Standard Compliance. The price of this version starts at $2,995 per year.

c) Magento Enterprise: This is the best platform for developing commercially viable and full feature-loaded eCommerce model, and is suitable for all kind of businesses. It is scalable and flexible as per the specific business requirements. There is no upfront license fee for this version of Magento. Besides having Open Standard Development Model with PCI Data Security Standard Compliance, Magento Enterprise platform is equipped with complete end to end product support with world class Service Level Agreements (SLA). The pricing of this version starts at $12,995 per year.