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April 21, 2014

Blackberry Development with Emulator

The process of development & debugging a mobile web application is not easy and a PhoneGap application is even more difficult. PhoneGap Debug uses Apache Cordova’s Weinre to help you inspect the DOM and JavaScript of your PhoneGap app. However, it’s also helpful to test your application before deploying to a device. You can accomplish this on your desktop browser, which offers a richer set of debugging tools, such as Chrome’s Developer Tools.

Ripple Emulator is a multi-platform mobile environment emulator that is custom-tailored to mobile HTML5 application development and testing. Ripple aims to reduce the challenges being faced by mobile developers caused by today’s platform fragmentation in the marketplace. Ripple is targeted towards WebWorks, PhoneGap, and mobile web development and testing.

This is where PhoneGap Emulation steps-in. With your Google Chrome desktop browser, you can emulate PhoneGap’s JavaScript APIs. This includes everything from the deviceready event to navigator.device.capture to your custom plugins. By leveraging your desktop browser, you can speed up your initial development process and quickly debug the DOM, JavaScript, and resource loading.

Ripple offers the ability to look under the hood of your mobile application, giving you full visibility into what it is doing. It also allows for the use of existing tools to perform JavaScript debugging, HTML DOM inspection, automated testing, as well as multiple device and screen resolution emulation in real-time without having to redeploy the mobile application or restart the emulator.

It’s important to understand that PhoneGap Emulation only applies to JavaScript. While the emulator will use a device skin, it cannot emulate the rendering capabilities of a specific mobile platform browser.

Powered by the Ripple Emulator
Under the hood, PhoneGap Emulation is powered by BlackBerry’s Ripple Emulator. The emulator was originally created by the team at TinyHippos and is now part of the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK. This is a powerful open source tool that the PhoneGap team feels is unutilized in the world of mobile web development.

PhoneGap Emulation has two requirements: Google Chrome and the Ripple Emulator Extension.
On the upside, Google Chrome has some of the best developer tools around, including Touch Event Emulation, and a rapid update cycle that continues to add modern features, such as the File System.

There are two ways to use PhoneGap Emulation: Web Interface or API.

Web Interface
Browse to emulate.phonegap.com and enter the URL to emulate.
You can emulate any URL that is accessible from your computer, including localhost and intranet addresses.

Automatically invoke Ripple by making a request with the query-string parameters.

About Amit Kumar Singh

Amit is leading JAVA team with his 6+ years of experience in Java Technology including J2SE, J2EE including Servlet, JSP, Struts, Spring,Hibernate, PhoneGap, Postgres. The Project which is successfully implemented and running based on the OfBiz and Adempier backed by robust Framework.