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    Expression Engine Customization

    Calling Expression Engine an answer to the limitations posed by open source content management system would be no misnomer. Expression engine Customization is by far the most flexible, feature-rich content management system that empowers organizations, companies and individuals to maintain their website. Expression Engine not only provides its users creative flexibility but also uses a CMS that is highly customizable metamorphosing website management into a simple task.

    Expression Engine boasts of an impressive list of features which make it unique. The features include:

    • Direct database query capability
    • A photo gallery
    • Built-in mailing lists
    • A wiki module
    • Email-a-friend
    • Search tools
    • User-notifications of comments

    At Profit by Outsourcing our team of Expression engine developers have the expertise and technology which has resulted in using Expression Engine on a variety of different sites .So if you are looking for a new custom website using Expression Engine, or someone to integrate Expression Engine into an existing website Profit By Outsourcing is the answer to your search. Our developers at Profit By Outsourcing have successfully integrated Expression Engine in blogs, listings, timetables,mailing lists, calendars, password-protected areas, photo galleries and e- commerce.
    However, the best feature of Expression Engine is the amount of customization it offers. It allows you to create a template for each of the pages on your website, or create custom fields to fit your content. Both the administration control panel and public website can be customized to handle different types of content letting it become the ideal solution for most small- to medium-sized web publishing requirements. Together with that it can also be extended and upgraded with a variety of extensions, modules and plugins.
    Expression Engine being the most flexible web publishing system adapts to your needs,and we at Profit By Outsourcing are ever ready to serve those needs. Give us a try !