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April 22, 2014

Customer Centre window is the heart of Itshot (Adempiere) project.

This window is very informative to the user as through this window user can easily know about all the details related to the system. Following are the information available in Customer Center.

1) Customer Search Functionality.

2) Customer Information.

3) Customer Balance.

4) All Transactions.

5) Navigation to Respective Transaction window.

6) Edit and Deactivate Customer

Brief Overview

1)Customer Search Functionality:

Customer Center provide us with a unique facility to search for a customer details based on

following criteria

a) Name => Search customer based on name

b) EmailId =>Search customer based on email Id

c) PhoneNo. =>Search customer based on phoneNo.

d) OrderNo =>Search customer based on order placed by customer.

In order to use this functionality user just need to follow below steps:

1) Select the particular search criteria from the DropDown List (visible at top left side of above PrintShot , currently Name is selected as search criteria).

2) Enter that criteria value at “Search By:” label in above print shot(for eg “Aaron Bajra” entered as can be seen in above print shot.)

3) Press Enter.

2)Customer Information:

On following above three steps mentioned in Point(1) will result in populating the Customer Center window with all details about the entered customer as can be seen in above print shot under the label “Customer Information” and its related transactions.

3)Customer Balance:

Customer Centre also provides the user with the balance details of the customer.

i.e. Available balance of that customer in our case its showing $ 5510.3

4)All Transactions:

User will also be provided with the related transactions existing in the system corresponding to that Customer.

Which can be seen under the label “Customer Trancsactions” in above print shot?

Transaction details such as :

a) Transaction Type => Sales Order, Invoice,Return,Payment etc.

b) Transaction Doc No=> Sales OrderNo, InvoiceNo,PaymentNo etc.

d) Date Of Transaction =>On which date transaction occured.

5)Navigation to Respective Transaction window:

Customer Center window also provide a unique fecility to navigate to a particular transaction

i.e. When user double click on any of the above transactions then user will be navigated to that particular transaction window.

6)Edit and Deactivate Customer:

Another facility to edit the customer information and deactivate the customer is also provided by customer centre window.

This functionality can be accessed by clicking “Edit Customer” and “Deactivate Customer”

buttons available at top of the Customer Centre window (as can be seen in above print shot).

About Amit Kumar Singh

Amit is leading JAVA team with his 6+ years of experience in Java Technology including J2SE, J2EE including Servlet, JSP, Struts, Spring,Hibernate, PhoneGap, Postgres. The Project which is successfully implemented and running based on the OfBiz and Adempier backed by robust Framework.