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    Blogengine Customization

    BlogEngine is an open source .NET blogging project that was developed for meeting a better blogging platform. This blog platform has emerged as less complex and easy customizable project. It includes the latest of .NET features. Blog Engine will allow you to have your website instantly set up with blog easily.

    Profit By Outsourcing offers you various themes on BlogEngine or creates a new one for you. You can extend the functionality or download it in minutes. BlogEngine is created by using the .NET framework. It is simple and has innovative features. With BlogEngine.NET, you can create multiple blogs as per your requirements.

    Profit By Outsourcing offers brilliant services in BlogEngine customization:

    • We offer automated BlogEngine Installation, Building Blog and Forums
    • 24 X 7 technical and email support from BlogEngine Expert
    • Manage Backup or recovery of customer data
    • Fast and secure SQL 2005 and web servers
    • Ensure maximum security standard and consistency by using isolated Application Pool
    • Wide range of Blog Engine customization services, CS deployments and troubleshooting