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    BLACKBERRY Analytics service

    April 2, 2017

    Countly is now providing Analytics service in BlackBerry 10. An innovative, real-time, open source mobile analytics application, Countly provides real time data of application usage on any device. It provides the feature like

    To opt for Analytic service user need to first register on this link:

    http://count.ly/ -> SIGN UP.

    To make register happens properly, Need to fill out all the mandatory fields. For the confirmation a mail will go to the given mail id.

    After sign up and once user do the confirmation after that need to go on this link:


    Need to provide following detail:


    After Login user need to click on Management->Applications and provide the App Key for the registration purpose in AppyPie portal.

    After providing the valid info, user can login into Analytic main page (looks like below):


    Countly tracks mobile applications and mobile devices using a small plugin (SDK) that you integrate in your application in under 10 minutes. After you submit your application to relevant application store, Countly immediately starts collecting data.

    It has features like Real time data updates, Open source software (see License terms), Impressive user interface, Goal-oriented user experience.

    Countly is an innovative, real-time mobile analytics software, focusing on ease of use, extensibility and feature richness. Countly includes a server and a mobile component, both of which you can freely use in your own company for your applications under license terms.

    The server part of Countly consists of a service that runs on port 80, allowing the system administrator connect to the user interface and get insights about applications tracked. The mobile part consists of SDKs for different smart phones and tables. In order to start tracking your application, you need to do the following:

    Choose a compliant server operating system (e.g Ubuntu 10.04 or later).

    Install the server application so it’s ready to collect data.

    Put the SDK in your application.

    Put the application in your mobile phone and test.

    If tests are successful, send the application to Appstore/Google Play.

    After all steps are completed, you are ready to get insights from Countly dashboard. Installation of the server and using SDK is explained in documents you can find on the navigation bar on the left, and won’t be covered here again.

    So overall it able to let user from which part of world the application is being used and well supported by graph statistics.