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Advertising Service IN BLACKBERRY

April 22, 2014

The Advertising service is used to display the banner ads in mobile application. This ads display as per the user selected the category during registration of Ad service.

To use the Advertising Service, you need to sign up for the service, and provide information about your organization and the application that you want to incorporate banner ads into the device.

After you sign up and BlackBerry approves your request, you will receive an email message with login information and a unique zone ID for your application. The Advertising Service uses the zone ID to identify your application and to track ad performance metrics.

Here’s how your application interacts with the Advertising Service to request and display an ad:

Your application sends an HTTP GET request that contains an ad request to the Advertising Service mediation layer. The ad request contains the unique zone ID for the ad placement (the zoneId parameter).
The mediation layer receives the ad request, examines the past performance of the ad networks and the preferences that you specify in the web portal, and sends an HTTP GET request that contains the ad request to the appropriate ad network server.
The ad network server receives the HTTP request, examines the past performance of ads in the application, identifies the target audience based on the information that’s in the ad request, and returns the appropriate HTML ad to the mediation layer.
The application sends a request through the mediation layer to the ad network server to obtain a destination URL. The contents of the destination URL vary depending on the type of action. For example, the destination URL can contain a website address.
The ad network tracks the click and sends the destination URL back through the mediation layer to the application.

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