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3rd Party Integrations

PBO also assists you in integrating your website with other enterprise level architecture system such as ERP, CRM, Stock details, Point Of Sale terminals and much more. Such seamless integration between each module of the overall online based business can be made possible with Magento, which has highly developed module integration system.

E-commerce solutions provided by Magento is quite scalable, which assists in integrating with other enterprise level applications. Web services API provided by Magento enables integration with other ERP or CRM system along with POS terminal, Stock details and various kinds of external systems. Such ERP systems are single database which is large enough to accommodate information pertaining to logistics, customer data, vendor data, supply chain, manufacturing, production and shipping. The whole ERP or CRM system is in itself modular which further assists in integrating with modular structured Magento eCommerce application.

We at PBO will closely monitor the exact business blueprint of your business, and then locate the appropriate tools and API to perfectly embed Magento with such ERP systems including POS terminal and CRM system.